Due to our initiative, the Association of Polish Producers – the Nursery Group CENTRUM came into being in 2001. It bands together six big nurseries from the region of Central Poland. We are the co-owners of submitted to register cultivar of redcurrant – Gąbińsk.

This cultivar is adapted to combine harvest, but its fruit is also suitable for consumption. The contract signed with the Agricultural University in Kijów, allows us to produce and trade on the territory of Poland cultivars of berry bushes such as: Jarosławna, Kamieniar and Niesłuchowski. In the autumn of 2005, we got permission from the Research Institute of Pomology and Floriculture in Skierniewice to propagate new cultivars of blackcurrant: Ores, Ruben and Tines.

These are varieties of the future, which are also recommended for ecological cultivation. We have established trade relations with the Lithuanian Association of Berries’ Producers in the recent years. On the basis of their plantation experience, we decided to introduce to our nurseries new cultivars of gooseberries such as: Rodnik or Puszkinskij.

The cooperation with the British nurseries gave us the possibility to submit to register the variety of blackcurrant: Ben Connan, which yields very well in climatic conditions of our country. During the last two years, the sale of the flavoursome variety of blackcurrant, Bona, has increased significantly.

Many planters from the countries of the European Union including Poland decide to plant this cultivar on their farms. Our products are sold to leading European companies such as Haberla in Hungary, Dominik Polska, the nursery Woraczkow in the Czech Republic and the firms mediating in selling on the territory of Holland.